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Join Botticelli, Wyeth and Canadian artists Danby and Colville!! Paint with egg tempera.

Egg tempera is one of the oldest yet most durable mediums. Botticelli's egg tempera works have survived perfectly for centuries. What is the appeal? Wyeth and others could have used any paint they desired! Well, egg tempera paint feels better on the brush! It applies like the smoothest oil or water colour, rather like thick ink. Unlike oils it dries and can be glazed in about twenty to thirty minutes. Unlike water colour it stays put as you glaze and re-glaze.

There are a few tricks to be mastered. Prepared panels will be supplied, and Bill will show you to prepare them for yourself. Bring your own watercolour set (tubes, not cakes) and brushes, an easel if you desire. All other materials will be supplied, as well as light refreshments. 10am-4pm with a lunch break. Lunch not supplied.

Materials list

Please bring the following with you to the workshop:

Water colour paints in tubes. Student grade is fine ( as a minimum selection, any bright red, a bright yellow, any blue, burnt sienna, burnt umber) You can share with a buddy. 

Water colour brushes, at least a #4 or #6 round, a #10 or #12 round, a rigger, a 1/2" flat

White Designers gouache ( not acrylic) or if not available Chinese white water colour

2 eggs, the cheaper the better as pale eggs make mixing colour easier. The yellow fades in a day or two so don't worry if your eggs aren't as pale as those in Denny's

Two small bowls,.... custard cups are good. 

Palette if you have one. If you don't, a plastic ice cream bucket lid works just fine.